London & District Council

How to Affiliate

Affiliation to London & District CUPE Council is a decision of each of the chartered CUPE Locals in our area.   Executive officers present a notice of motion to the membership, to be voted on at the next general membership meeting.   After affiliation has been approved by your local membership, you contact the CUPE Council and we welcome you on board!

The costs for affiliation are $0.15 per member per month, based on the total membership of your local.  We ask that locals pay on a quarterly basis at the end of each quarter.  

Our dues structure is a small price to pay for the benefits accorded you through affiliation.

If you are uncertain whether your local should or should not be affiliated, give us a call and members of the CUPE Council executive would be glad to speak to your Executive and membership.  We also invite Executive members of locals trying to make an informed decision to attend an upcoming CUPE Council membership to see what we are all about.  The goal of our CUPE Council Executive is to have at least 75% affiliation of all chartered locals in our area within the next two years.