London & District Council

London & District Council

Welcome to our new Council webpage which will be giving you information on upcoming meetings and events. If you would like to contact Council please e-mail us at

Keep checking back with us for up to date information on campaigns, both provincial and national that effect CUPE members in the municipal, education, social service, health care, and university sectors as well as our families and members of our communities.   CUPE members do make a difference and we can't make a difference without you!    We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming meeting.

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London & District CUPE Council

Who are we and what to we do??

Executive of Council

Here is a list of the Executive members of the London & District CUPE Council. Elections took place in December 2013 for a two year term. All positions were filled at this election meeting.

As an Executive we look forward to working on your behalf for the betterment of CUPE members in our area.

Please feel free to contact any Executive member with questions relating to the Council.

Affiliated Locals

This is a list of locals currently affiliated to the London and District CUPE Council (effective January 1, 2012)

How to Affiliate

This will give you information on the process of affiliation, the cost of affiliation and a per capita form for use when submitted your first dues payment.

Educational Opportunites

This will give you any educational opportunities that are upcoming. Flyer attached

Update Information

Check out the calendar of events and information on the locals affiliated to Council.


Information is just a click away!

Members of Parliament

This link will redirect you to the House of Commons and a listing of Members of Parliament

Members of Provincial Parliament

This link will redirect you to the Ontario Legislature and a listing of Members of Provincial Parliament